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Alexander Ankvab had a working meeting with Daur Kurmaziya

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Alexander Ankvab had a working meeting with Daur Kurmaziya
The meeting discussed the situation in the field of taxation.

Sukhum. 5 May. Apsnypress. Prime Minister of the Republic of Abkhazia, Alexander Ankvab, at a working meeting with Minister for Taxes and Dues Daur Kurmaziya, discussed the implementation of planned indicators of tax revenues to the budget during the period of quarantine measures. 
 Minister reported the statistics: “Payments and deductions administered by the tax authority over the 4 months were 84.3% of the planned figures. Tax deductions are forecasted, the maximum figure for the 5th month of the current year due to the large fall in April will not exceed 80%. ”
 As Kurmaziya explained, the failure to fulfill the plan for 4 months was due to a sharp decline in payments in April. So, according to him, the actual tax revenues for April amounted to 72 million 200 thousand rubles with a target of 185.5 million rubles. Thus, revenues for 4 months amounted to 575 million rubles against the planned figure of 682 million rubles.
 Fulfillment of the plan for the 1st quarter of 2020 - 101.3% (+ 6.4 million rubles).
 In addition, the minister of taxes and duties informed the head of government that the possibility of developing and applying mechanisms for deferring the payment of certain tax payments, not applying fines and sanctions against taxpayers, and changing the tax period for certain types of payments is being discussed at the interdepartmental level with the participation of heads of the country's financial authorities.
 The Head of Government approved the prospect of implementing such measures.
 According to Prime Minister, the delay in paying taxes to the budget allows, first of all, to save the working capital of the enterprise and to enable the entrepreneur to hold out during the crisis. And subject to a positive change in the situation and the resumption of business activity, entrepreneurs will be able to pay taxes at a later date.
 The prepared proposals, taking into account the forecast data, will be sent to Prime Minister for consideration.

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