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Adgur Ardzinba: the task of the relevant authorities is to create the most comfortable conditions for business

22.04.2019 19:56
Adgur Ardzinba: the task of the relevant authorities is to create the most comfortable conditions for business
On the first meeting of interdepartmental working group on investment cooperation of the Intergovernmental Commission.

Sukhum. April 22. Apsnypress. Following the meeting of the interdepartmental working group on investment cooperation of the Intergovernmental Commission, chairmen of the Abkhaz and Russian parts of the group gave a press conference.
 RA Minister of Economy Adgur Ardzinba said: “There was held the first meeting of interdepartmental group on investment of Abkhaz-Russian cooperation. We discussed the most pressing issues that arise in the interaction of our entrepreneurs, as well as related to trade relations, the banking sector, the export of inert materials from the Republic of Abkhazia and many other issues, including the implementation of the program of lending to medium and small businesses in the territory Abkhazia. The working group is needed in order to narrowly discuss such topics and make recommendations to the Intergovernmental Commission. ”
 For his part, Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for the North Caucasus, Igor Koshin, said: “The Intergovernmental Commission decided to create another platform where it is possible to discuss specific topics and devote much more time to this, in order to attract all relevant authorities to such work  in the round table mode and work out the issues of overcoming the barriers that exist today. ”
 Koshin informed that today he was able to agree on lifting restrictions on the presence of a temporary working group. “I think that together we will find a solution, and the projects will not only be implemented, but will bring real returns, both to the banks that financed the investment programs and to the republic. Our main task is to prepare questions for the Intergovernmental Commission, ” - he said.
 Igor Koshin stressed that investment is the blood of the economy. “It is impossible without investments, but in order to actively promote investments, you need to do a lot of work. There are a lot of questions with the same inventory. Over the years, they have developed a concept, removed a large number of controversial points, but there is still a question that needs some work. The more points of view and controversies, the more weighted final decisions will be, ” - said Koshin.
 In addition, Adgur Ardzinba reiterated that the task of the relevant authorities entrusted with dealing issues of bilateral cooperation is to create the most comfortable conditions for business. “In essence, this platform serves to enable businessmen on both sides to resolve issues that arise,” - minister said.
 Ardzinba called specific decisions of the past meeting of working group: “The legal presence of labor migrants-specialists is highly professional and narrow-profile. As it turned out, there were certain sorts of problems, but today we discussed this issue and soon it will be removed after relevant additional regulations will be adopted. "
 In addition, according to minister, there was discussed the issue of licensing the export of inert materials: “In order to export inert materials from Abkhazia, it is necessary to obtain a corresponding license. Despite the fact that there is support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, with unconditional assistance of chairman of the Russian part of the Intergovernmental Commission, Vitaly Mutko, nevertheless, this restriction is present, and we talked about this. "
 Adgur Ardzinba also spoke about the continuation of programs of preferential loans for medium and large businesses: “This issue is not a subject of discussion by the working group, but we consider the implementation of this program very useful. It is impossible not to say about the problems that arise in the course of its implementation, but we should not forget that this is the first precedent in the relations between Abkhazia and Russia, when the commercial bank of the Russian Federation provides borrowed funds to our entrepreneurs. There are issues related to additional financing, and we will discuss all this in working order. ”
 At the same time, Igor Koshin noted that for a number of projects credit resources are being returned and interest payments are being made, for others - there has been a restructuring, on some of the objects there has indeed been a rise in price. “Therefore, today, out of 8 projects - 3 are functioning, 5 are in the completion stage, a significant resource is required for 2 main projects. Together we look at possible sources of additional financing for projects for which appreciation has occurred. About 70 million rubles of subsidies within the framework of state support have already passed, ”. He stressed there are still a lot of questions in attracting investments: “We are at the beginning of the path.”

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