Adgur Ardzinba received a delegation from Jordan

05.07.2018 17:02
Adgur Ardzinba received a delegation from Jordan
Minister of Economy and the delegation from Jordan discussed the prospects for bilateral relations.>

Sukhum. July 5. Apsnypress. Minister of Economy of the Republic of Abkhazia Adgur Ardzinba received the delegation from Jordan led by Vice-President of the Senate of Jordan, former Minister of Supply and Trade Moner Sobir.
 Minister of Economy welcomed guests.
 For his part, vice-president of the Senate of Jordan, Moner Sober thanked the minister for the reception. He said that he is of ubykh nationality by nature and especially glad to visit Abkhazia.
 The delegation was interested in conditions and possibilities of importing products from Jordan to Abkhazia and Russia through Abkhazia, the banking system of the republic and state guarantees for investors.
 At the same time, Adgur Ardzinba informed that Abkhazia annually exports to the Russian Federation products worth about 5 billion rubles, and imports goods from Russia to the amount of about 19 billion rubles.
 Minister spoke about the preferences that apply to investors. He said that in accordance with the Law on Investment Activity, there was created a register of preferential projects, which the state actively promotes. "We have privileges for large investors in the form of exemption from income tax and property tax for a period of up to 8 years," - underscored Adgur Ardzinba.
 Minister of Economy explained that the Russian ruble is used in Abkhazia, and all banks work through correspondent accounts with Russian banks. Nevertheless, there are no problems with the movement of money.
 Adgur Ardzinba noted that Abkhazia has a developed maritime infrastructure, and seaports are able to receive cargo ships up to 5,000 tons. He added that all the information necessary for potential investors in English was published on the State Investment Agency's website.

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