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19.09.2017 10:25
"The world community should abandon the practice of double standards, recognizing the right to self-determination and independent development for one people and refusing such a right to other peoples," - the RA MFA noted.
18.09.2017 16:37
The meetings are aimed at telling young people about the rules of behavior at the university, possible problems they may face while living in the big city.
18.09.2017 11:41
Delegations of the Administration of Sukhum and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia took part in the XI Interregional Forum of the largest companies of the Southern Federal District.
15.09.2017 17:07
The opening of the representation was preceded by a long-term negotiation process with the state departments of Germany.
15.09.2017 11:25
"The people of Abkhazia remember the decision to recognize the independence of the Republic of Abkhazia with gratitude," - Raul Khajimba said.
14.09.2017 14:53
The Minister of Economy of Abkhazia Adgur Ardzinba briefed on the results of the trip to Tatarstan, as well as on the work of the department for the current year.
14.09.2017 13:23
The meeting with the co-chairs of international Geneva discussions on security and stability in Transcaucasia was held at the RA MFA.
14.09.2017 12:08
Raul Khajimba noted that it was during the Presidency of Dmitri Medvedev that the Republic of Abkhazia was recognized by the Russian Federation as a sovereign and independent state.
12.09.2017 12:36
The Abkhazian farmers represent their products at the exhibition.
11.09.2017 10:51
The world freestyle wrestling championship among young men was held in Athens.

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