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25.02.2015 11:49
The Ministry of Health of Abkhazia handed a mobile dental office on the basis of the bus ISUZU dental clinic and ambulance of the Republican Hospital.
25.02.2015 11:04
As part of the meeting will be presented the results of the Fund and the auditor's report for the 2014 fiscal year.
25.02.2015 10:55
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia considers this incident as yet another attempt by the Georgian side and its European "allies" to neutralize the value of presence in this international event, the Republic of Abkhazia and the Abkhaz delegation given to the participation in the exhibition purely commercial in nature.
25.02.2015 10:47
Against the background of the planned on March 31th round of Geneva discussions hysteria that arose in the Georgian media is a vivid testimony of the categorical unwillingness of the Georgian side to put up with the existing political realities.
24.02.2015 18:02
The President of Abkhazia Raul Khadjimba held a meeting in the Administration of the Gudauta district.
24.02.2015 17:46
The Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia held its first meeting in 2015. In particular, on the agenda was the election of directors of the two institutions.
24.02.2015 16:54
In Sukhum child Chess School Karpov was held an open chess tournament "Cup of Sukhum", which involved fifty young athletes from the cities and regions of Abkhazia.
24.02.2015 16:28
For repair work of the town's water supply, according to a comprehensive plan, this year allocated 220 million rubles
24.02.2015 15:52
A presentation was made by director of Pitsunda bakery, production of which has been suspended by the State Committee on Standards and Technical Supervision consumer due to violations of sanitary and technological standards.
24.02.2015 15:39
In the Public Chamber of the Republic of Abkhazia was held an extended meeting of the Security Committee on "Measures to reduce the number of accidents".

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