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16.02.2011 12:44

Local elections were held normally, in a quiet atmosphere - Sergey Bagapsh

"Local elections were held normally, in a quiet atmosphere. As to the fact that someone has lost, nothing can be done about that. People have made their choice!" President Sergey Bagapsh commented on the local elections held on February 12 in Abkhazia.

All incumbent heads of city and district administrations, except for the head of Gudauta administration Daur Vozba, were again elected local parliamentary deputies. That's why, according to Bagapsh, Vozba cannot become administration head again. At that he assessed well Vozba's work as district head.

According to the head of state, elections have shown that the scheme of work with local authorities and the procedure of appointing administration heads should be revised.

"For example, in Gudauta a lot of worthy people have been elected district assembly deputies. Now President must choose a candidate from their number for appointing as administration head. It's problematic for me to do it now", Bagapsh said. "Gudauta is an uneasy, difficult region, and a strong figure must head it".