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19.08.2013 14:32

Kazan ecologists researching the state of Abkhaz rivers

Kazan ecologists (Tatarstan) are researching the state of Abkhaz rivers. As announced to ApsnyPress by the Chairman of the Government Committee on Ecology and the Environment Roman Dbar,  15 ecologists from the Kazan Federal University headed by the Doctor of Biological Sciences Nafis Mingazov, are monitoring water resources.

Roman Dbar emphasized that this is a common project of the Kazan University and the Institute of Ecology ANA established according to the Agreement between the Science Academies of Russia and Abkhazia. The rivers of Abkhazia, in particular their estuarine zones, are being researched by specialists – hydrologists, hydro-chemists, and hydro-biologists. 30 rivers will be monitored.   

The ecologists will be researching the parameters of the rivers, the hydro-chemical composition, hydrology, water velocity, transparency, and the state of the plankton.

“The research is of a complex character and will take two years,” said R. Dbar.

When asked what caused the repeated muddy tap water, the environmentalist said that this is due to frequent heavy rains in the mountains, because of which the water in the rivers does not have time to clean itself.

The total annual runoff of Abkhazia is about 13 km3, which is almost fully represented by clean water, which is almost 6% of the annual flow of life-giving water of the Black Sea.