45 years ago was the first solo concert of the ensemble "Sharatyn" in the Abkhaz State Philharmonic

09.04.2015 10:50
45 years ago was the first solo concert of the ensemble "Sharatyn" in the Abkhaz State Philharmonic
On April 9, 1970 was the beginning of the creative activity of ensemble "Sharatyn". 

Sukhum. April 9th. Apsnypress. The founder of the ensemble - Edward Bebia, the first abkhazian graduate choreographer of GITIS. 

"After graduation my father returned to Abkhazia and began working as a teacher in the" Cultural enlightenment ". In this school was first established dance ensemble of Abkhazia "Sharatyn." In 1968 he made his first tour concert in South Ossetia, and on April 9, 1970, at the request of the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, was the first official concert of the ensemble in the Abkhazian State Philharmonic", - said the son of Edward Bebia - Ruslan Bebia, artistic director of the ensemble and the main choreographer. 

Status of the state ensemble it received only in 1978. 

In the same year "Sharatyn" made a tour in the fifteen republics of the USSR, as well as Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, India, the Netherlands and France. The ensemble - is the prize-winner of many international festivals. 

During the War of Abkhazia twelve members of the ensemble were killed. Three of them posthumously awarded the title "Hero of Abkhazia". Ensemble itself received the honorary title of "Order of Leon State Ensemble Sharatyn of E. Bebia".  

According to Ruslan Bebia, the concert is planned to coincide with the anniversary date. 

"June 25 is my fiftieth anniversary and the thirtieth anniversary of my creative activities in " Sharatyn ", in connection with which the concert is scheduled for the end of June. The choice of date is not random, my fate and the fate of all the members of my family is inextricably linked with the ensemble: my mother, brother, wife, children, aunts and uncles danced in "Sharatyn"", - shared with a reporter of " Apsnypress " Ruslan Bebia. 

As for the Jubilee concert program of "Sharatyn" artistic director declined to elaborate its details, but shared that viewers can wait for updated dances, costumes and music. 

Immediately after the anniversary concert ensemble plans to travel to Istanbul to participate in the International Festival of Folk Dance.

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