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+ 17˚C in the capital on February 4

03.02.2016 18:45
+ 17˚C in the capital on February 4
Atmospheric pressure is normal.

Sukhum. February 3. Apsnypress. On Thursday because of the removal of warm air masses from the south-west, the territory of Abkhazia is expected to have partly cloudy weather, without precipitation. Air temperature during the day will rise to + 18˚C, according to meteorologists.
 Barometric pressure - 766 mm, will slowly decrease.
 Wind - 3-5 m / s, with gusts of up to 7 m / s.
 Sea water temperature + 9˚C, moderate seaway - 25-75 cm.
 Humidity - 60-70%.
 In the capital, partly cloudy weather, with no precipitation.
 Air temperature at night +6, + 17˚C day.

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